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a note from Deborah Lynne - 

WELCOME back to my website! As you know, in 2022 and 2023, I spent twenty plus months rewriting and updating my novels - the romance, mystery, and suspense novels. I connected all of my books as ebooks with Draft 2 Digital, pricing fiction at $3.99 and nonfiction free. At the end of 2020, D2D started printing my novels in paperback again. This was the first time with D2D, but since all of my books came out through the three different publishing companies I had connected with over my first seven years of being published, I waited till their rights were up, then updated the fiction novels and rereleased them as ebooks through D2D, adding of course to them, my non-fictional devotional - Guidance from The Light...and then more. The yearly devotional was published by Kindle first, and then D2D. A second non-fiction book was laid on my heart to share with my readers - Blessings from God. Next came, But God Says. Now I am working on the latest non-fiction God is leading me to write, Growing The Holy Spirit From Within. I am hoping for it's release by the end of 2023 or early 2024. In the meantime I hope you are taking time to get the non-fiction books God has led me to write. Again, they are free as an ebook download from most ebook sites.

And now -- all but one of my fiction novels have been released as paperbacks again. I love that all my revised books are the same size. The only thing that varies is their depth. Check out to order them, or your favorite book shopping store on line. WalMart in my go to shop to order on line. It is easy access and free shipping if your order is over $30.00. And who can't spend $30 at Walmart?  Now a-days most people shop on line and have their groceries  delivered to their when you order whatever from Walmart, add one book  or more at a time by Deborah Lynne each time. Easy peasy. Haha. Walmart has everything. My paperbacks should be available on every computer site that sells paperbacks. Just remember, I'm not the only Deborah Lynne and my earlier versions are still available on a lot of the sites. Remember, my non - fiction are free on most eSites. The paperbacks are available as well...but not free. Thanks for visiting me again. I look forward to talking to you soon...maybe even see you at the Louisiana Book Festival in October. I'm planning to be there with my books. Take care and God bless you.

                                                                              Deborah Lynne



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