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You can find Deborah Lynne's books at many stores, but the newer versions in paperback you have to order on line like at Other .com venders carry them as well. She found this was easier for her. Many other paperback book suppliers carry her novels. You can even find her books Internationally, like Amazon UK and more.

Click your favorite store, and the link will take you directly to a list of Deborah Lynne's books. They are in eBook format, book form, and two are now in audio. Please be advised, there are a couple of other authors with similar or even the same name. Deborah Lynne's books are all listed below for reference. Read the short description. 

Also - keep in mind that more venues to download the eBook are being added as time passes. If you don't see your eBook store, send an email and let us know. We will try to get your book download available for your device.

Having known Deborah Lynne for many years, I have witnessed firsthand the embodiment of the Fruit of the Spirit in her life. Her book, ‘Growing the Fruit of The Spirit’, is a testament to her deep and authentic journey with God. It's a profound guide, rich in scriptural wisdom and practical insights, that invites readers to cultivate the same spiritual fruit in their own lives. Deborah's heartfelt and accessible writing makes this book an essential resource for anyone yearning to grow closer to God and reflect Christ's love and grace more fully in their daily walk

- Jonathan Stockstill, Pastor, Musician and Author

Non Fiction

"Ms. Lynne develops a great story culminating in an unexpected showdown scene between Samantha and the killer. She keeps the tension up throughout, but doesn't exhaust the reader--at least, not unduly. Good show, Deborah! When's the next book coming out?" -Bruce J.

Samantha Cain 4 Book Series

Deborah Lynne has a gift taking you into the scene and feeling the intensity, suspense and the peace of God's love in her writings. Looking for a quick, exciting read Deborah Lynne's your author. - Ellen E.


Fiction - Young Adult

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