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You can find Deborah Lynne's books at many stores, but the newer versions in paperback you have to order on line like at Other .com venders carry them as well. She found this was easier for her. Many other paperback book suppliers carry her novels. You can even find her books Internationally, like Amazon UK and more.

Click your favorite store, and the link will take you directly to a list of Deborah Lynne's books. They are in eBook form, book form, and one is now in audio. Check places to buy audio below. Places are listed beside the book - 
Crime in The Big Easy. Please be advised, there are a couple of other authors with similar or even the same name. Deborah Lynne's books are all listed below for reference. Read the short description. There's even some older trailers you can view.

Also - keep in mind that more venues to download the eBook are being added as time passes. If you don't see your eBook store, send an email and let us know. We will try to get your book download available for your device.

     In Chasing The Lights Coop puts his life on the line while chasing the scoop of his life for the school newspaper. Bailee's not far behind trying to catch everything through the lens of her camera.

     Teenage boys are going missing, one a night, in their area. This story is personal to them, two boys from their own school have now disappeared. Coop and Bailee find leads.

     While following one lead, they get too close to the story. What will happen to Coop and Bailee now? What will happen to all of the boys?

      Join Cooper Parks in his first adventure! More are planned.

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1st young adult fiction
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Samantha Cain 4 Book Series

"Ms. Lynne develops a great story culminating in an unexpected showdown scene between Samantha and the killer. She keeps the tension up throughout, but doesn't exhaust the reader--at least, not unduly. Good show, Deborah! When's the next book coming out?" -Bruce Judisch

Samantha Cain Mysteries

Bk 4

Against Her Will.jpg

     Samantha Cain is still moderately new in the world of private investigating. Is she out of her depth when she takes on a dark, hidden world that she knows nothing about? She couldn’t say no to Mark, the man who saved her life.

     Abby, Mark’s niece, has gone missing while on her senior trip to the Caribbean. The local officials believe she’s a runaway teenager, still partying and having fun, but Mark knows better. He doesn’t know what has happened to her, but Mark senses she’s in trouble and needs his help. He promises his sister Cathy, he will bring Abby home. To do this, he requests the assistance of S&S Investigators. 

     Sam, Greg, and Margaret go willingly on this dangerous mission. Doing so means following Abby’s trail and surviving in a country so different from their own. Has she been taken for human trafficking, or has someone stolen her to satisfy his own twisted desires? 

     Will they be able to find Abby in time…before her life is irrevocably changed…or ended?     


Samantha Cain Mysteries

Bk 3


     A missing child? NO, TWO.
     Will the new private investigators be able to find time?

     Samantha, Greg, and Margaret start their own business: a private investigating service. A hot case lands in their lap. A member of their congregation--a little boy--has gone missing. Shortly after they start to investigate, a second child disappears. With unforeseen twists and turns a truth is revealed that leaves the new PIs tormented as to their next move.

     Have they taken on more than they can handle?

     With the clock ticking for the children, the stakes are high.

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Samantha Cain Mysteries

Bk 2

TOI cover final.jpg

     What more could possibly go wrong?

     Samantha Cain already has enough to deal with--including the death of her husband three years ago and raising her young son by herself. Six months ago Matthew, her fiance and a homicide detective, was killed in the line of duty. Now two plain-clothes detectives are standing on her doorstep. Her boss, Ken Richardson, was murdered and Sam was the only other person in the office last night. Evidence points to Sam, including the fact the two were known for not getting along.  ​

     Detective Mark Barnett feels it in his gut that the shock on Samantha Cain's face is genuine--that she didn't have any part in killing her boss. But convincing his lieutenant--and proving her innocence--is another matter entirely.

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Samantha Cain Mysteries

Bk 1


     A scream pierces the darkness!

     Samantha Cain isn't the type of woman who gets unnerved least not anymore. She's the widow of a policeman and a single mom. She works the midnight shift all alone at a large trucking terminal near the Mississippi River. One night she hears a strange rustling outside and then a strangled cry. Racing out of her office  she witnesses a terrifying scene at the top of the levee and interrupts a killer at work. Now the killer is after her. Who can she trust? Certainly not the police that didn't protect her before...

     Detective Matthew Jeffries has been on the trail of a twisted serial killer who preys on older women leaving no evidence behind. But this time he has a witness--the wife of his dead ex-partner from his early days on the force, Martin Cain--if he can keep her alive.

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Hidden Secrets

     Where did she go wrong? Nicki Petrelli's once-perfect marriage has become a living nightmare as her husband Tristan grows increasingly abusive. Nicki stays, believing that her love and faith can get through to Tristan and make things right again.

     Her brother's best friend, Dave Franklin, tries to rescue her from her prison. He has always regretted not helping his sister before it was too late, but he hadn't known about her troubles in time. He sees the bruises on Nicki's face and the distress in her eyes and he's determined he won't fail this woman whom he has loved since they were teenagers.

     His attempt to help Nicki gives her the strength to push back, but at what cost? Is escape worth dying for...or killing for? Either way, will she ever be free to live her life again?


Crime in the Big Easy

CITBE book cover .jpg

     Taylor Jaymes has big dreams; dreams of being a well-sought-after reporter, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and traveling the world. Opportunity is knocking at the door with a killer finding his prey in the early morning hours in and around the French Quarter. Two deaths so far. The police can't find a connection, but Taylor knows there is one. When she finds it, Detective John Bradley will have to give her the exclusive and let her get closely involved in finding this perp.

     Detective Bradley hates women who put themselves in danger just to get ahead in this world. The redheaded vixen definitely raises his shackles. How can anyone so lovely be so incredibly reckless?

     As John and Taylor join forces to stop the killing spree, they find their desires shifting in ways they never could have imagined.



audio version found on Scribd, Google Play, Kobo, Walmart, Chirp, Hi Books, Nook Audiobooks, & Binge books.

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PFTH ft Cover.jpg

      At the age of twenty-five, Erika Arceneaux receives a substantial inheritance that will allow her to make the dream she has had since a teenager become a reality: to build a retirement community where senior adults can live safely and comfortably. Now she can honor her grandparents who lovingly raised her after her parents' death when she was five. Erika feels certain that God is leading her to renovate an old, rundown motel on twenty acres.

      The owner Margaret Richardson believes in Erika's dream and wants to sell the property to her, but her son Nathanial Richardson III has other plans. A powerful, wealthy businessman has one motive--to make money. Over his objections, Margaret sells the property to Erika and construction begins. Almost immediately the project is plagued by vandalism and worker accidents. It becomes clear someone is trying to sabotage Erika's dream. 

      Meanwhile, despite their differences, Erika and Nate find themselves drawn to each other. Erika can't stop thinking about him, but can she trust him? 

      Erika isn't anything like the other women Nate has ever known. He realizes he is falling in love. Now he must decide whether his love for her can overcome his love of money and power.

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Passion from the Heart

Second Chances cover .jpg

     Ten years ago he stole her heart…then crushed it.

     Now she’s gazing into his blue eyes again.

     Dare she hope that things could turn out differently this time?

     The day Malila Vasquez, curator of The San Francisco Institution of Art, has dreamed of has finally arrived. She’s worked hard to see the new Native American art exhibit which showcases her own Navajo lineage come to fruition. To add to her joy, she’ll be allowed to display a couple of her own paintings…the big break she’s waited for as an artist ever since college.

     Then Lila receives a phone call that will change her world forever. Victoria, her old college roommate and a very wealthy woman, is dying. She trusts no one but Lila to raise Kaitlin, her baby, after she’s gone. But can Lila, a single woman, raise a child on her own? What about all the big plans she has for her career? Even more, choosing to help her friend means facing the only man she’s ever loved—Joseph Neal Rodman III, Vicky’s brother. Can her heart survive seeing him again? And can she live with herself if she doesn’t at least try?

     A heartfelt romance that will tingle your toes

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All in God's Time

AIGT cover 2.jpg

     Meagan Phillips, a thirty-four year old travel x-ray tech, believes she's destined to be single forever...but is she? All iin God's Time is a warm novel of a wonderful woman who is fulfilled in her professional life but on a personal level she is alone. However, she believes that some people are destined to be single...and that it is God's plan for her.

​     A new assignment takes her to an island off the coast of South Carolina. She finds herself enjoying things that in the past she has never cared for; sun, sand, ocean waters. She also finds new things she wishes could remain hers forever...three troubled teenage girls and their widower father, Ryan Richardson, who just happens to own the hospital where she works. Could this be part of God's plan for her? The possibility appears too good to be true. Is it too late for her to find true love and a family of her own?

   Meagan must cling to the promise that everything will work out for the good of those who love Him...all in God's time.

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Grace, A Gift of Love

     A new mother...a half-sister...and a new man. Can Dena learn to forgive and love?

     A voice whispers over and over in Dena Lewis' ear, "I'm Grace, your mother." It can't be. She just buried her mother...or did she?

     At the age of twenty-five Dena thought she knew the truth of her family history. She travels from Texas to Virginia in order to face the woman...the liar...claiming to be her mother. Surely face-to-face the truth will come to light.

     Uncoiling the mysteries of Dena's life leads her into a brand new one, but is it a life she is ready accept?  


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out of print...for now

Guidance from The Light

     Guidance from The Light is a 365-day devotional God poured into my heart to share with you. 

     After 43 years of marriage my husband went on to be with the Lord. Moving forward in my life was harder than I ever thought possible. Losing Scott left me devastated. I spent my days delving into God’s Holy Word and He comforted me. He still does. God led me to share with others what He gave me. 

     If you are going through a hard time, whether it is a loss of a loved one or problems life brings your way, I believe these encouraging words will speak to you in an uplifting way. 

Blessings from God


But God Says

BGS final Cover LC.jpg

     Blessings from God is a book sharing some of God's promises to those who put their faith in Him.

     There are thousands of promises God wants to give us, but we must be believing and actively seeking and expecting His Word to be truthful to me.

     His Word says -- And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 

     Take time to read this book which is based on His Word. Take it into your heart. Believe Him and His Word. He loves you. He wants what is best for you.

     I hope when you read Blessings from God, you will stand on His promises to you. Know, beyond what I've given you in this publication, that there are many more blessings God has for us and they are there in His Word.

     We must decide to receive all of His many blessings as a gift that He has given to us Then, choose daily to live in those wonderful blessings.

     God absolutely loves you.

     Enjoy the read. 


     But God Says is a book answering questions the common man or woman might ask. I hope you can find your question in the pages... with the answer following it.

     I tried to think of questions we may ask, and then I looked up His answer in His word...letting Him direct me in all of them. 

     Next I tried to answer the question as if God was speaking with you the answer.

     Lastly, I backed up His answer with His Word.

     God led me to write this book, and I hope it helps you with answers to questions you may have for Him. God bless you.

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Young Adult
women's fiction

Bayou Secrets




A Collection of Deborah Lynne Novels

Romantic Suspense

3 Books in One!


Edge-of-your-seat suspense...and a dash of romance! In this white-knuckle 3-in-1 collection, you'll follow a journalist reporting a string of murders in the Big Easy; a widow who finds herself in the sights of a serial killer; and an innocent accused of murder. 

"WOW - 3 novels in 1 book - What A Great Read."

Enjoyed all three of these. Each one drew you in and they were very hard to put down from beginning to end

D. Gacke
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